by Lou CharLe$

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Back to the basics, Lou ‘bout to bury’em
Crush my opponents like Conan, I’m a barbarian
Ladies love the flow, run it back like Arian
Game dirty but play right; Shakespearean
Livin’ life give a damn what a hater say
Ballin’ bitch Gatorade, C-Notes serenade
Try to keep us out but we barrel through ‘em barricades
Ambition turned lemons into lemonade
Uh steady puttin’ on | Lames try to do it but they do it wrong
Made it from the bottom, now my life’s so fricken’ awesome
Superhero in the Funk like Bruce Wayne in Gotham
Use to play the background, now I never back down
No beef: cash cow, Kings like Sactown
Haters better get big messin’ with these Rich Kids
Rap it and I live it, what you thought this is


Damn I hate ‘em RiCH KiD$, Rich-RiCH KiD$
Damn I hate ‘em RiCH KiD$, Rich-RiCH KiD$

Damn I hate ‘em RiCH KiD$, Rich-RiCH KiD$
Damn I hate’em –damn I hate ‘em RiCH KiD$

(Hook X2)

If you aint got not money take your broke ass home

Broke ass home, Broke – broke ass home

Used to hate ’em rich kids, til the kid became one
Now I’m in the spotlight wildin’ w/ my day ones
Had to stay patient on the pace to pesos
Pockets full of faces, leave your girl w/ a face full
Music my saving grace, now I gotta chase the greats
Out that 817 where we eatin’ like we catered plates
Sean Micheals; HBK over 808’s | Dracula flow, we just tryna raise the stakes
Who you bettin’ on?
Aint gon’ jump the gun; til’ the weapons drawn
Don’t feel entitled, but I don’t see no rivals
When I’m out here breaking records like we was w/ clumsy vinyl
Drink like double A, but we in the big leagues
Expectations exceed, always had big dreams
But see the difference ‘tween me & my peers
Is my greatest wealth resides in between my ears


(Bridge x2)
Tell me who you are, I’ll tell you who you aint
Young Ri¢h Kid$ out here blowin’ all this cake
Ladies blowin’ kisses cuz they notice that we’re winning’
Tell ‘em hater get a hobby they can’t stop me from livin’



released 16 September 2014
Produced by Eye Jay The Boy
Mixed/Engineered by Chilton Classic
Artwork by Luis Ornelas
Additional Vocals by C.Tovar



all rights reserved


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Lou CharLe$ Fort Worth, Texas

"He (Lou CharLe$) takes a light-hearted, narrative style from his hip-hop idols - Fresh Prince, Kanye West, and A Tribe Called Quest" - Caroline Collier DFW.Com

"He gives you his all in his own music, the songs he's featured in, his videos and performances. That art is shown through his fearlessness and effort" - Andrew Wong KTCU.Net
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